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If you are looking for a speaker who can:
  • Motivate individuals to think greater than what they currently know or believe.
  • Challenge paradigms that keep individuals, teams, and organizations stuck.
  • Excite others to act in new and different ways.
  • Help define and clarify your purpose, set your goals, and identify new ways of being to achieve your desired results.

On-Site Events at Your Business or Organization with Lyla Messenger

As a Certified Speaking Professional with the National Speakers Association, Lyla Messenger is known for her energizing, inspiring, and thoughtful approach to teaching and connecting with individuals all over the world.  She is available for keynotes, lectures, half day events, workshops, and customized programs.

Organizations have always had to deal with change.  


The difference between then and now is the frequency, pace and complexity of these changes.  How can organizations better equip and enable their employees to thrive in the midst of these rapid and complex changes?

Employees at all levels of an organization must be adaptable and resilient.  New advances int he field of neuroscience show us that we are adaptable, and that we can physically change our brain with every new thought and experience thereby changing our emotional state which branches out into our behaviors.




Anyone who has experience Lyla Messenger as a Speaker are very aware of the talent and ability she has to capture and direct her listeners towards a full buy-in on the objective.

Over the past 20+ years Lyla studied to understand the mind, people and in particular an interest in how beliefs direct our lives.  Her training evolved in personal self-awareness to identify how beliefs serve us to stay in survival and how we can change perceptions to move forward in creation.

Lyla began her Path towards Change and Transformation in 1995 and over the years delved deeper into the "Subconscious Mind" through meditation training in addition to her studies with mentors like Dr. David Hawkins, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Joe Dispenza.  

Drawing upon her educational studies in Cultural Anthropology, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience and the Universal Laws in Nature, she now facilitates in extending the knowledge of the mind and how to change - to groups and individuals through one-one-one coaching and her series of courses beginning with Living From Choice.  

Lyla personally coaches and consults individuals, professionals and organizations in finding beliefs to assist them in making shifts in their personal and professional environment and/or life with an easy to follow process.


Executive Coaching - Business Development - Organizational Change - Team Facilitation - Emotional Intelligence - Cultural Transformation - Mindfulness - Stress Management - Work/Life Balance - Sales

How your leaders, employees, and stakeholders think matters to your organization.

Lyla Messengers' programs teach individuals how to become conscious of their thoughts, actions and feelings.  She believes an understanding of self will lead to better performance in the workplace. Reaching this goal means providing both the knowledge and tools to harness the incredible power of the brain and the effect it has on ones reality.  


Do you have a new, different, or better vision for your organizations future?  How do you want your leaders and employees to think, act, or feel differently?  The bounty of programs available plus the customization ability inherent in Lylas' expertise helps people embrace rather than retract from the unknown.  She teaches individuals to understand the ability they possess to achieve their personal and professional goals and the goals of the organization using the most innovative breakthroughs in neuroscience.

So when employees think, act, and feel in different ways, what results can you expect?

  • Increased engagement

  • Decreased stress

  • Increased flexibility, adaptability and resilience

  • A positive impact on teamwork, creativity, results, and the bottom line.

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Let's discuss your organization's vision, goals, and any "gaps" that may exist between today and your new future.

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