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Modern culture teaches us that we are limited and somehow destined for stress and difficulty, but the truth is that we are all very powerful and can actually create whatever life we want by the thoughts we think and the words we speak.


The challenge is that we weren't taught how to do this growing up and we now need specialized training and hands-on exercises to help harness this power.  This is what the Living From Choice is all about.  

We all know the frustration of trying to start a new habit, really long for change, only to fall back into old patterns and behaviors over and over.


And how can we move from that place of feeling stuck to a place of real empowered reality?

All you have to do is learn how to harness the power you are already fully equipped to use.  Leap into a life of healing, growth and connection by attending the Living From Choice workshop.



This initial workshop utilizes new discoveries in the fields of neuroscience and epigenetics of "how the brain works" and applies these findings to improve career, social and physical well-being for individuals, employees and organizations.  This 2-day workshop teaches you how to harness the incredible power of your brain to make significant changes in your life.  There is a true science to "changing your mind" and once one understands the "how", the process unfolds naturally.


  • Gain awareness of negative thinking patterns

  • Change your future by letting go of the past

  • Use meditation to create a new personal reality

  • Heal your body and mind from limiting beliefs and behaviors. Especially ones you didn't know you had


This challenging 4-day leadership course will give you a profound commitment to your word.  You will gain an understanding of your shadow sides that interfere and sometimes even sabotage the very happiness you say you want.  There are Laws at play in the Universe and unless you have the tools to connect, utilize and adjust these Laws to your intentions, life will continue to be circumstantial.  Wealth, health, happiness, relationships, success, peace of mind;  ALL POSSIBLE easily.

*Attendance in the Living From Choice class is a pre-requisite


It's time for the gift of FREEDOM.  Freedom from your past and even future fears that have kept you from living fully.  This 5-day advanced leadership course is held in the mountains of Big Bear, CA.  You are taken out of your hectic environment to generate a relationship with your intuition that you will never question it's credibility again.  You will create new beliefs grounded in possibility, power, strength, breakthrough and an unwavering knowing that if you CHOOSE IT, you will CREATE IT.

*Attendance in the Self-Mastery class is a pre-requisite.
**This class is all inclusive and can cater to dietary and physcal restrictions of all types.


This 90-day goal achieving program puts into daily, accountable practice all the tools you have learned on your journey allowing for long-term exponential growth in your life.   IF you manage to complete this program you will have a knowing of one simple truth;  In all situations, if there is a problem...there is ALWAYS  a solution.  If you've ever struggled with procrastination, 90-yard line successes, self-doubt or fear of your true potential, then you want to climb on this journey to FREEDOM as fast as you can.

*Attendance in the Passion class is a pre-requisite.

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